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Sexual violence victims refuse to open up due to stigma - Poll

Nigerians have admitted that the reasons why sexual violence victims remains silence was because of shame and stigma.

The latest polls results presented by U-Report Nigeria Voice Matter revealed that 38% respondents said it was because of shame, 29% said because of stigma while 11% said they don’t think their report will be believed if they report it to the police.

the poll result also show that 10% of respondents believed that they think they will not get help if they report the matter while 6% said why they refused to report the incident is because their report may cause more problem.

U-Report Nigeria Voice Matter conducts weekly polls and studies on various socio-economic and health issues in Nigeria.

The poll further revealed that 87% respondents admitted they know where the nearest police station is situated to report the matter of sexual violence while 38% said they do not know.

In addition, 62% said if they suffer sexual violence they will report it to the police while 38% said they will not.

Another poll results by the U-Report Nigeria Voice Matter, which seeks to know why Nigerian children in the community do not go to school revealed that 75% respondents admitted that parents cannot afford to pay school fees while 9% said the schools are far away.

On the other hand, 5% of the respondents said the children have to work while 4% said it was because of insecurity around the country.

On the recommendation of the most SDGs the present 

ad­ministration should tackle, 26% of Nigerians said poverty, 16% education and 12% said health.


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